Dance Of The Bridegroom!

November 13, 2013 4:52 pm Published by 2 Comments

Our first IAM Equipping Gathering in Vero Beach, Florida is now behind us. We now are enriched with some with the fondest of memories, from the first meeting to the last. Our finale meeting was over the top with exceedingly great joyous celebration.

Watch this video a few times and get up out of your chair and dance with the Bridegroom a bit…

Make sure you don’t miss another IAM Equipping Gathering!


“Dance, dance like never before
Your voice I cannot ignore
It’s the Dance of the Bridegroom
Dance, dance and open the door
I’ll dance in the mornin’ I’ll dance all day I’ll dance all of my worries away
I’ll dance in the evenin’ I’ll dance all night I’ll dance into Your glorious light”


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