All of us at International Apostolic Ministries are continually excited about the possibilities of proclaiming and establishing the glorious kingdom of heaven upon the earth where ever we go. Without the financial support of the people who are like minded and passionate to see the name of Jesus made famous around the globe we could not do what we are able to do. We are inviting you to invest in your “World View” that will change the societies of the entire planet, for, “The earth is the LORD’s and all that is contained in it and everyone who dwells upon the earth!”

  • Become a driving force behind us as we go into the nations proclaiming the Kingdom of God through our International Missions.

Widows, Orphans, Aliens & Prisoners

  • The Word of God promises the rewards of heaven to those who care for the widows, the orphans, the aliens and the prisoners! Many of our ministry projects include them as we help those ministries in different locales who are diligently working to provide for the widows, orphans, aliens & prisoners through our fund Widows, Orphans, Aliens & Prisoners projects.

Emergency Preparedness

  • We must prepare for the inevitable. Every miracle that Jesus performed was a tragedy in someone’s life. Oftentimes there are family deaths of our membership and of people who are important to the IAM family. The Apostolic Directors need to get there and it costs money to do so. Our Emergency Preparedness Fund is for our financial preparation in the event of an emergency, to pay for the travel expenses to get where we can be of help and support our Emergency Preparedness projects.

Church Planting

  • IAM is a Church/Ecclesia “planting” organization! The Spirit of Christ has not only commanded us to go and to preach but to disciple as well. There are so many places without living churches and there are so many people that are un-churched! The Church/Ecclesia is Jesus’ idea and we are about our Father’s business of planting more each year with your support of our Church Planting projects.


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We appreciate your financial support. We continue to thank God for you!