Benefits of IAM Membership

“Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget none of His benefits…” Psalm 103

Here is a short list of your benefits:

  • United “World View” and vision with purpose
  • Identity; A tribe for belonging
  • Apostolic/Prophetic alignment
  • Spiritual fathering
  • Increased communication with revelatory teaching
  • Global Missions with missions travel opportunities
  • Equipping for Kingdom purpose in society
  • MarketPlace Equipping
  • Statesmanship Equipping
  • Ministry Leadership Equipping
  • International Apostolic & Prophetic relationships
  • Church Affiliation
  • Accountability without control
  • Ordination
  • Church planting with apostolic/prophetic direction
  • USA Federal Tax Exempt Status (GEN)

Becoming a Family Member of IAM and your membership gives you increased communications with revelatory teaching and events that will change your perspective, change your life, change your world! The apostolic/prophetic leaders of IAM are continually and increasingly teaching and equipping people with a Kingdom of heaven “World View.”

You then have an international connection to a growing tribe/family of fellow citizens of the Kingdom of heaven, ministries and Churches/Ecclesias as a prominent thrust. This gives security to the Churches, ministries and individuals, knowing that they are not independent of the rest of the body of Christ but interdependent.

Our partnering Affiliate Churches and Ministries are connected with one another under the banner of International Apostolic Ministries. Affiliation means that we are not out there alone, but that we are part of a great whole; an organism of people that are about their Father’s business and making the name of Jesus famous throughout the world.

With relationships in countries on several continents there is a ministry family in which our churches, ministries and individuals can become intimately involved with in order to accomplish their part of the great commission of Christ. There is an increasing need for our churches to be involved in world missions in a significant way. The ministries that we are walking in covenant with are the ones who are of like faith and are accomplishing the works of Christ. There are many opportunities for churches to become involved with the missions projects of International Apostolic Ministries and thus the people of our churches prosper by the great commission of Christ.

All of our churches, ministries and individuals are enjoying new and exciting associations with the five-fold ministry gifts and the trans-local ministries of this fellowship. This is giving more supportive help in times of trouble and a larger sense of being glued together in covenant unity.

By uniting we become more of a help in establishing a financial base for the apostolic and prophetic fathers to our Churches.

Together we are building Ministry training schools on an international level for the intense training of those who are called of God in our churches, ministries and individuals. We help local churches establish ministry training centers to equip tomorrow’s leaders and send forth laborers into the harvest.

We are actively involved with church planting and church strengthening and building around the globe. We offer apostolic/prophetic direction to those who are seeking to start new churches as well as strengthening existing churches.

As a service to our Family Members International Apostolic Ministries offers ordination to qualifying women and men who demonstrate a calling to the ministry and desire to be ordained.

There is an inheritance of the anointings of God that were attained by the apostolic fathers of the revival at the turn of the century, like Dr. John G. Lake, Amy Simple McPherson, Maria Woodworth-Etter, Smith Wigglesworth, and many others. The astounding miracles of God and the substance of that anointing is our inheritance and what we long for is not only to attain to what Lake and his contemporaries had but even more. This is our common passion and this passion is what unites us in purpose.

We also offer charters and 501-c-3 USA federal tax exemption to Church plants, existing churches, and trans-local Ministries who are affiliated with us and have the need for that service.

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