Peru Mission 2017

Peru Mission & International School of Miracles

In October 2017 we will be leading another team of people who have the desire to make a Peruvian mission with us.

Mission: Holy Spirit power & compassion Ministry with signs, wonders & miracles among the people of Peru, in Lima, Ica, & Arequipa (a beautiful historic city in the Andes mountains).

Sure to be the most life changing trip of your life!

Dates: Travel to Lima on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 – Return travel on Monday, October 30, 2017

Cost: $1,850.00 per person (which does NOT include airfare to and from Peru).

  • There is a deposit that is due by June 1st, 2017. ($350)
  • The first half of the full amount of the trip is due on August 10th, 2017. ($750)
  • The full amount is then due on September 20th, 2017. ($750)

This cost covers your hotel lodging, food, transportation and air travel WITHIN the country of Peru. Airfare to and from Peru will be a separate expense in addition to the $1,850.00. International airline flight purchase is the responsibility of each Missionary Traveler. (Proof of health/accident insurance is necessary.) (Please understand that your food, lodging and in country travel is included in this cost. The travel and lodging expenses are expensive in Peru especially with a large group.) Information on the application form must be completed and a $350 non-refundable deposit made so that “in country airfare” and ground travel arrangements can be purchased for the best available price. (That is why this deposit is non-refundable)

We have 25 positions available for the historical missions trip and you will need to get your non-returnable deposit in as soon as you can. Your $350 non-refundable deposit will be due on or before June 1, 2017 ( so that the in country costs can be wire transferred to Peru and the process of receiving the large group can begin.) You will need to be a Family Member of International Apostolic Ministries to go on missionary journeys with us, and that’s a very good thing! Join the IAM Family HERE.


  • Your airfare to/from Lima Peru
  • One evening meal in a Mira Flores Restaurant in Lima (Each person will order from a menu and pay for their own meal)
  • Personal expenses
  • Shopping that you may want to do, (We will be visiting the Peruvian Clothing district and the Inca Markets for personal shopping at the individual’s own expense)
  • Offerings that you would like to personally leave with the people, churches, etc.


  • Your airfare to/from a city in the northern regions of Peru
  • Hotel Expenses for 12 nights
  • Meals
  • Transportation to all locations (Taxi)
  • Bus ticket to and from Ica, Peru
  • Administrative costs that are incurred with a large group of people traveling through the country and the expenses of the needed interpreters

This mission will be led by Apostles Wayne C Anderson, Kevin Ford, Rick Wilson and Marco Llinella. We will fly into Lima on the evening of October 18th, 2017, and stay 2 nights in a Lima at the Hotel Carrera. (Do NOT make arrangements to fly into Lima on any other day, arrivals just after midnight are acceptable.) Mission International School of Miracles will take place during the day on Thursday, October 19th. This will be the best school and training on divine healing and miracles that you will ever experience, with a unique approach that will be used throughout this mission. Friday morning, October 20th, we will catch a flight to a city in the northern region (arrangements to be made soon) for 3 days of miracle meetings. We will then return to Lima for church services, city and congress tours and shopping in the Inka Markets. Next we travel by bus about 4 hours to the city of Ica where we will have 3 days of miracle crusades. We then return by bus to Lima and return home on the evening of Monday, October 30th.

Passport: A passport is necessary with an expiration date that is at least 8 months after the final day of this mission trip. There are 25 positions available to be filled for this trip. This application is a process where we will be considering each person on an individual basis. Please understand that our mission in Peru will be physical with walking, stairs, getting in and out of very small taxi’s and long days of spiritual works. We therefore require that each person test themselves on stairs. Without your hands touching railings or walls, walk up 4 flights of stairs that have a minimum of 10 stairs per flight. Up and down those 4 flights without stopping. You must be able to do this physical endurance test without being terribly winded as we will be doing this and much more, physically speaking. DO NOT make arrangements until your application has been approved. There are only a few places available for this trip and they are filling quickly. So, get your application and deposit in quickly. 


Mission Trip Application

Application Form for those who would like to go on a missions trip with us to Peru.
  • If you are the senior minister, just put your own name here. If you have no pastor, type None.

Final Information:

 IAM membership is necessary in order to be considered for this International School of Miracles & missions adventure.  Click here. After completing the application: You may use your credit card Submit your online payments here via this link.  If you prefer you can mail your check to: International Apostolic Ministries, 3313 W Cherry Lane #656, Meridian, Idaho 83642   After you have submitted this application form, please have your Pastor email a recommendation message to us at Also, please email us a message stating why you are wanting to go on this Peru Mission and what your expectations for this mission trip.  Thank you for your participation. We look forward to working on the mission field in Peru with you! – IAM Administrations –