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IAM is a family of people who love God, churches that are changing their communities, ministries that are proclaiming the kingdom of heaven, marketplace businesses that operate by the principles of “Compassionate Capitalism”, and the kind of folks that have a single passion to make the name of Jesus Christ famous throughout the earth. International Apostolic Ministries has always been an organization of revivalists who have the spiritual DNA that makes them a Judah tribe!

“I.A.M. is a corporate team that integrates business, government and church leadership to impact public policy for the purpose of regional and city transformation.”

Wayne C & Stephanie Anderson, the Presiding Apostolic Directors, along with their fellow directors, Rich & Patti Carey, Kevin & Cynthia Ford, Steven & Jodi McMullin, Michael & Miriam Brennan & Tim & Michelle Katon, who are leading this apostolic family to a powerful life changing “World View” that will bring societies all over the globe into the promised land of their inheritance. Together we are discipling the people of the nations to the revelatory existence of Jesus Christ alive – here and now – and His victorious Kingdom overwhelming the earth.

We are now more than two decades old and have grown in spiritual influence in a number of states, regions, and nations. We have a schedule of Conferences & our I.A.M. Family Convening each year – and of course – you are invited!

We do hope that you will stay and peruse our site and get more acquainted with us. Our web home is a meeting place for multitudes of people that relate on many different levels.

Does any of this sound a little like you? If so, please check our website out and see if you would like to be part of our growing IAM Family! You don’t have to be “in” ministry to belong to our wonderful spiritual family. As a member the IAM Family you’ll have access to some exciting “Worldview” changing equipping tools. You’ll get injected with hope for your community your world. You will be equipped and know how society can operate using the keys of the kingdom of God. The journey we share is a path lined with miracles and supernatural signs!

And . . . as with any family, there is a social network that grows with each passing day. You are welcome to come on in and share life with us!

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If you’d like to view the beautiful virtual memorial service for Irene Joy Anderson

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