2023 International Apostolic Ministries – Annual Update For General Exempt Number Inclusion

International Apostolic Ministries has a General Exempt Number status with the Internal Revenue Services of the USA.

This means that you can use our nonprofit status with the IRS and not have to go to the trouble and expense of attaining your own. IAM provides this as a service to our affiliated members.
We are building a strong system of administrative reporting for 2023 and this annual update form allows us to know of any changes and helps us with the administrations of our annual filing with the Internal Revenue Services.

I.R.S. Codes give some stipulations for the legal use of this service. They are simply this:

  1. The “principal” of the not-for-profit organization must be a member International Apostolic Ministries.
  2. The “affiliate” member of I.A.M. must sign a statement of believing in the tenets of faith of I.A.M.
  3. The ministry must send an annual financial report to I.A.M. that is left on file (we can only receive this report in digital .pdf format)1

So, to abide by these simple IRS rules, we must make sure that the principal person of the ministry is an I.A.M. affiliate member. The word “principal” means the president, CEO, senior minister, pastor, etc., or whatever you call the appointed leader of your ministry organization.

We are able to accept a digital signature of belief in our tenets of faith, or what is called our “Statement Of Faith,” which we have placed at the bottom of the application to make it easy. Please read the Statement of Faith by clicking here and then complete the application.

Each year a digital copy in of the organization’s financial Profit & Loss Financial Statement .pdf format can be uploaded from this form. IRS rules stipulate that we must keep these on file. This report can also be emailed to us. (Please contact us if you have trouble with making a report into a .pdf format.) 

Please be sure that you are an IAM Membership level of either “Ministry Affiliation” or “Church Affiliation.”

This form is to be completed and submitted by September 20, 2023, in order to be included in our IRS annual filing.



Please contact us if you need us to send you a letter of inclusion, a certificate of inclusion and copies of the IRS letters for not-for-profit under section 501-C-3 of the Internal Revenue Code. With these documents, and your EIN you can apply for any service that requires a not-for-profit status.


  1. Usually, you can run a profit and loss report for the year and once the report is populated you can choose print from the file menu. Instead of printing there should be a choice for you to save as a pdf. The print program should leave you a .pdf copy of the report on your hard drive that you can upload using the form on this page.