Church Affiliation Membership is for those churches that believe they have an apostolic alignment with any of the Apostolic fathers of the I.A.M. Family.

Leading Minister must first be an IAM Family Member level or Ordination Member level.

Church affiliation is $40 per month includes Principal/Leading Minister and spouse Family Membership.

International Apostolic Ministries gives apostolic alignment and influence to Churches that are, or desire to be, in an active relationship with us as an apostolic family and network of people, churches and ministries.

When we use the term “Church Affiliation” we are describing the partnering relationship that a body of believers can have with working, experienced apostles in order to enhance the spiritual and overall health of a congregation. A strong healthy congregation is in many ways the extension of the family units of individual families into a larger group. The benefits of forming such a community are innumerable. There is an increasing effect of strength and camaraderie when individual Churches then ban together like a spiritual family with the leadership of qualified apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When a Church is “affiliated” with IAM there is a bonding of relationship with the Apostolic Directors, the Apostolic Teams and Leadership, and the individual IAM Family Members on a global scale.

Here are the most prominent reasons why you would want to affiliate your Church with IAM:

  • You want to “affiliate” your Church with IAM for the purposes of apostolic alignment, relationship with others, identity with a tribe or spiritual family, and you want your ministry to coexist and operate with the other Churches in this network.
  • You want to identify with the larger international group and partner your ministry as well as the people who work with you to the working projects of IAM, therefore being part of the whole body of the IAM tribe, (or spiritual family).
  • You want to give the people of your Church and your community the security of knowing that there is an abiding relationship and accountability with a larger network with apostolic leadership.
  • You want to give the people of your Church a more personal relationship with apostles and prophets that have multifaceted experiences of ministries in the nations.
  • You want to build a relation with other senior church shepherds as part of our “Shepherds” community.

Church Affiliation membership level is $40 per month (auto-draw) and includes Principal/Leading Minister and spouse Family Membership.

In order us to be able to complete this affiliation process, we must have the information completed on the following form. Thank you.