As you have perused our App, website and perhaps been in our meetings or services, or attended our conferences, or have been part of our online broadcasts, we hope that you will become a part of out growing tribe. Becoming an IAM Family member means that you are wanting to work with us to help us grow in the vision and purposes that the Lord has given unto us to be.

Cost: I.A.M. Family Membership is $20 per month (auto-draw from your debit or credit card)

The best benefits of being an IAM Family Member are that you become part of a spiritual family, with apostolic alignment, and Kingdom communications.

I.A.M. Family Member has access to our membership website with a growing number of features, including:

    • Exclusive Member communications
    • Access to our Learning Center for Members free access
    • Conference notifications and conference registration discounts
    • I.A.M. Family Members can be part of a text thread communications Group on our App
    • I.A.M. Special Zoom Meetings & Communion online
    • I.A.M. E-Newsletter
    • And, more as we grow

After completing your monthly financial commitment, come back here to complete your profile form.