This Ministry Affiliation membership level is for a ministry that is not a church, such as evangelistic, prophetic, and apostolic ministry operations.

Ministry Affiliation can include houses of prayer, feeding programs, counseling-type ministries, outreach ministries, prison ministries, international missions, and the like.

The leading or principal minister of this ministry affiliate is usually an IAM Family Member level or Ordination Member level before affiliating their ministry.

Below is Button that will take you to the online form that must be completed. The second button is the form for your automatic monthly draw.

Ministry Affiliation is $40 per month (auto-draw) and includes Principal/Leading Minister and spouse Family Membership.

Here are the most prominent reasons why you would want to affiliate your ministry with IAM:

You want to “affiliate” your ministry with IAM for apostolic alignment, relationship with others, identity with a tribe or spiritual family, and you want your ministry to coexist and operate with the other ministries in this want to identify with the larger international group and partner your ministry and even the people that work with you or are influenced by you to working projects of IAM, therefore being part of the whole body of the IAM tribe or spiritual family.

You may want to use the General Exempt Number (G.E.N.) for the not-for-profit status with the USA Internal Revenue Service (IRS) instead of getting your letter of not-for-profit from the IRS. [This is a service that IAM provides to Affiliate Ministries and Churches, but please understand that “affiliation” is a committed step of belonging and identification, not a legal term.]*Use of our General Exempt Number for non-profit status with the Internal Revenue Service of the USA is a service that I.A.M. provides if needed. There is a place on the form to choose whether you would like to use our G.E.N. or not.


Please completing both your monthly financial commitment and the Ministry Affiliation Form. Thank you.