So, you have decided to journey with us on a life changing Kingdom adventure to the great nation of Jordon!
This is where you can pay for your trip costs.
Please read and complete the form with all necessary information.
In the comment field please give us a full explanation of what your payment is for.

Be sure to get your $495 deposit in quickly so that your place is reserved. Occupancy is limited and interest is tremendous… Come on and journey with us to the Bible lands and find the mysteries Yehovah has left for us there!

Please consider using Zelle Pay, Venmo or Cash App, as it saves us the Credit Card fees.

Venmo: @WayneCAnderson

Thank you!

To Use Your Credit Card use this form: 

Journey the Jordon Payment Form

Payment form for each person traveling with us and our Journey the Jordon.

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Name on Credit Card
Billing address for Credit Card
Amount to be deducted from Credit Card for the Journey the Jordon trip
Please comment on what this money is for, i.e. "my 2nd payment of $1,250 for my Journey the Jordon trip" or "please apply this to Jane Doe's Journey the Jordon trip" etc.

You can make payments along the way in any increments you like. Just explain in the comment field.

Thank you and may God richly bless you!

(If you are paying the whole amount at once, it is $2,995. If you have paid your $495 deposit, your balance is $2,500, etc.. Please contact us via email if you’d like to set up an auto draw payment to make payments toward your trip.)