As a service to our members, International Apostolic Ministries offers ordination to those who are already IAM Family members and choose to be ordained. As part of this ordination, we offer an online Zoom ordination ceremony & presbytery. Each ordination applicant receives a certificate of ordination.

The monthly cost for Ordained Membership level is a $30 per month (auto draw). If the spouse of an ordination applicant would like to also be ordained, the spouses ordination cost is free/included in the principle ordination applicant monthly member fee.  Note that this fee is for the Ordained Membership Level and you will not be paying both the IAM Family Member Dues and the Ordained Membership dues. Ordained Membership level is $30, only.

The Process:

To be ordained there is an application process. That process begins here by completing the following form. The Apostolic Directors of International Apostolic Ministries meet semi regularly to prayerfully approve or disapprove any and all ordination applications based primarily on relationship. Please understand that our ordination process cannot be hurried. Because our Apostolic Directors are busy people and do not meet for this purpose on a regular basis, so this process can take some time. 

International Apostolic Ministries does not ordain people that are not in relationship with us. Therefore, all of us in the IAM Family expect to have an established growing relationship as an IAM Family Member and references of other IAM members provided before the Apostolic Directors consider an ordination application. We may request an Zoom meeting to get to know you before ordination can take place. (Again, this is based upon any established relationship.) 

Be sure to Click Here and Read our Terms Of Ordination Agreement

Ordination consideration will begin at the submission of the following form.

This Ordained Membership level may be combined with the Church Affiliation and/or Ministry Affiliation membership level as one, in order to allow for only one complete auto draw charge to your credit card.

If you would like to be ordained with International Apostolic Ministries please complete the information on the following form. Thank you.

Once you have completed and submitted the form return here and complete your month financial commitment to I.A.M.  by clicking on this button. Thank you.