The Apostolic Directors of International Apostolic Ministries want to invite you into our PrayerForce ministry of power-filled prayer. Our requests for serious prayer are increasing beyond measure.

We are building a communications system for those who are willing to touch heaven for those in need with their hearts.

  • We are building new podcasts that are informative, enlightening, and skill-increasing for the applications of our faith to work miracles in people’s lives.
  • Please consider becoming an active part of our PrayerForce. Then, you can begin to work beside all of us to eradicate demonic-satanic strongholds from the lives and bodies of those in great need.

Our PrayerForce is now running live intercession via Signal from our smartphones on a super-private texting network. 

We’d like you to install it, too, so we can be confident that only you and the other people of prayer and intercession can read live messages or hear our calls.

Signal is available for iPhones and Android. 

Please get it here:

  • Signal works like your existing messaging app. We can send pictures, videos, make calls, and PrayerForce is a live group texting chat of intercessors all over the country.

It is important to us that no one else can see any of it, not even the people who make Signal!

You can read more about Open Whisper Systems, the people who make Signal, here:

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Signal is available for iPhones and Android. Please get it here:
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