International Apostolic Ministries (I.A.M.)

Our name says a lot but not all that we are. Our vision for the future is ever evolving into the times and season of the glorious King of all kings.

International: Our reach, our view and our hearts have no political boundaries and our work is to be a light unto the nations. Gathering, uniting, supporting believers in a global unity is our desire.

Apostolic: Our role and activities in the ever increasing government of the Lord Jesus Christ. The leadership gift of Christ to all. The emerging Ecclesia requires governmental alignment for the powerful operations of Kingdom authority to flow forth and change the world. This alignment of governmental authority is designed by the Lord Jesus Christ to flow through His apostles and His prophets. The apostle’s purpose is to heal the people and deliver them from the kingdom of darkness and therefore proclaim and establish the Kingdom of light – heaven on earth.

Ministries: Our stewardship and the application of the Kingdom for healing to the nations allows us to give physical and spiritual service to those in need. To us, greatness is found in serving. We are proclaimers of the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom Dynamics of:

Family is the cherished institution of the Father of lights and the target of destruction to an evil generation. I.A.M. is “Family Strong.” It is our quest to restore the unity, purity, wholesomeness of the family in all aspects. The nations are calling out for us to help restore healthy and wholesome family into their societies. Our goal it to be family strong and an apostolic network of people in order to show the increased dynamics of the anointing to heal the family unit of society.

Integrity is worth more to us than silver and gold. Our integrity stands firm against greed and hedonistic enticements that bring about corruption. In each situation of ministries, governments and businesses with which we are involved, there can be no accomplishments without righteous biblical ethics and our integrity intact. The nations are calling for us to help restore integrity and cleanse their societies from corruption.

Revelation of the existing and superior Kingdom of heaven is our continued passion. We serve a living God Who is the risen Christ and His appearances are continually about us. We are in continuing search for understanding and the experience of supernatural occurrences uncovering the wonders of the scriptures of both testaments and history.  Jesus Christ is alive and revealing Himself to the world in every era.

Prophetic ministry is a tremendous gift from the Father through His Holy Spirit unto us. We realize the need to listen to the prophets for the word of the Lord.

Prayer with the authority from the Father will change the world. Jesus is building the government of His Kingdom and giving the emerging Ecclesia strategic authority to decree His Kingdom to come and His will to be done upon earth as in heaven.

Worship is a spiritual thoroughfare for us to touch the hem of His garment and the expression of our love and adoration unto God the Father.

Presence is our constant goal so that we might know Him in our lives, in our world. His commanding Presence leads us and places our steps in precisely the strategic place for His will to be done in us, with us and through us.

World Changing Stewardship of creation is our ability to respond unto the Lord and experience His Kingdom operations upon the earth as it is in heaven. Our servant leadership expands into all realms of society and what is generally called the “7 Mountain Mandate.”

Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ are sent out and it is expected that those apostles will send out and acknowledge the emerging Kingdom and the emerging Ecclesia.

I.A.M. does this by guidance and encouragement. We acknowledge those who have the passion, desire and command of the Lord to any and all arenas of ministry. We guide into the depths of worship that truly matters and brings results.

I.A.M.  is preparing the nations of believers for the great harvest of souls that is the hope of all believers.

I.A.M.  is leading and equipping people for social changes and transformation of communities by partnering with other apostolic networks and ministries who are effectively and strategically making transformation happen.

I.A.M. is lead by a celebrated apostolic team that works mightily together in public and in private. The teamwork is seen every time they are together ministering. But they work just as effectively together behind the scenes in their daily lives.

I.A.M. is reunited as an apostolic family with two celebratory convenings each year.

  • There is an I.A.M. Family Convening in the northeast region of the USA each year in Albany, New York in the 2nd week of August.
  • There is an I.A.M. Family Convening being planned for the West Coast.

The Apostolic Directors of I.A.M. pronounce times of Solemn Assemblies, Fasting & Prayer and specific targeted intercession when needed.

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