by Michael Brennan

Imagine yourself alone in a your favorite chair, opening your Bible and beginning to read. Before you can turn the page, your eyes catch the words, “… casting your care on Him for He cares for you,”  1 Peter 5:7.  Suddenly, the room around you transforms into an a light filled elevator that begins moving up through the ceiling, past the trees and into the clouds.

Michael Brennan

Michael Brennan

The unearthly elevator stops abruptly, the doors open and you find yourself standing in the Eternal Courtroom of Heaven. The eyes of all the hosts of Heaven look to you, you instantly know that this is YOUR trial.

Trembling, you enter, walk to a place before the Judge, and stand facing all those countless eyes. What follows is the legal unfolding of your total guilt in the highest of all courtrooms. Every moment is filled with the exploding realization of the overwhelming gravity of your guilt. Hopelessness cascades through every cell of your being as you are judged, convicted, condemned and sentenced. As the Judges gavel falls and your immediate execution is announced, an eternal terror rocks your very being.

Darkness begins to invade you. You hear yourself cry out in total desperation. Then suddenly the elevator door opens again. Bloodstained Light enters the courtroom and He stands before the Judge of all!

Instantly, you are flooded with a river of  knowing. Your dark, hopeless guilt is completely overtaken by His radiant light! The full effect of that freeing light explodes in you. You are now surrounded in the glorious light of having been fully “justified” in the Courtroom of Eternity.

As quickly as you came, you are back in your room staring at those same words, “… casting your care on Him for He cares for you.”  They leap off the page to you, and as faith rises within you – from  deep within- you literally reach into your heart and cast your cares on Him!

Your cares visibly leave you and fall at His feet.  At same time, you see the “substance” of His  tangible care for you  (peace and joy) fly from His hands and enter that deep place in your heart. Your entire being is filled with a “knowing” that the blood covered justice of Heaven, the “He cares for you” justice has made you “care” free.

Now let’s move from imagination to dialogue and explore together what is happening and continues to happen in all that is described above.

First, let’s discuss what is NOT happening.

• Casting your cares is not you religiously trying to give it all to Jesus.

• Casting your cares is not you stuffing them back into some hidden closet in your heart while you continue to “try” to give them to Him again and again.

• You are not engaged in misguided obedience (the persistent doing what you are told) as a way to “deal with”  the voices of care.

• You are not figuring out how to wrap your head around how to give Him your cares and get His care in return.

• You are not waiting to fully believe the exchange (your cares for His Peace) when you “feel” your cares leaving.

• You are not focusing on your cares as you “cast” them.

• You are not counting on your good behavior as key to successfully getting Him to take your cares.

• You are not performing the “right” biblical steps to get free of your cares.

• As you’re “casting your cares” you are not waiting for freedom (outside of you) to come and take away your feelings.

• You are not participating in a one time event.

• You are not engaged in something that is focused only on “your” cares.


Second, let’s see what you are doing:

• In the full authority of your (His) blood covered light ( justified) you are legally casting your cares from your heart to His feet.

• You are casting your cares from the place of illegal occupation in the DNA of your identity (cares) to their legal home in darkness in the sea of forgetfulness.

• You are partnering with Holy Spirit to poise you heart to immediately and continually receive the substance of His peace.

• Your faith is in His behavior (remembering Him and you in the Courtroom of Heaven) and because of that, you always know (like Jesus with His Father)  that “He cares for you.”

• You are overcoming the deception of your cares (bondage to fear) with the authority of  your blood covered sonship – not something you have, but something you are.

• You are expecting freedom to arise from the inside out not come from the outside in.

• You do receive His Peace whether or not the echo of your care still lingers.

• Your confidence is in His faithfulness to “care for you” not your perfect performance of the command to “cast all your cares.”

• You are standing on the legal (justified) ground of the  blood covered authority of His eternal justice defining your DNA

• You are yielding not to a one time event, but a Holy Spirit-led journey of living in the legal heavenly justice  of being “carefree.”

• You are growing in your heavenly authority to exercise this legal eternal justice beyond the realm of “your” cares.


Third, let’s look at the how casting your cares  is a powerful key to releasing the justice of Heaven. (“Your will done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”)

• “Care” is bondage to fear and occupies an illegal hold wherever it is present.

• “Care” comes from the tree of the knowledge of (doing) good and (doing) evil.

• “Care” brings with it sickness and poverty.

• “Care” is a power source for enemy (death) activity.

• “Care” has realms of influence in culture – personal, family, community, regional, and national.

• “Care” is lodged in DNA of the land and “affects” all who dwell there.


Therefore, living and growing in our legal (courtroom of heaven) authority to cast all of our cares on Him into all the realms of “care” mentioned above is the exciting and challenging  journey that Holy Spirit desires for all blood bought believers. This is extremely exciting because all the authority of  the justice of Heaven is finished for us – we have nothing more to “do” to gain it. It’s ours now. It is challenging because that “finished authority” must pass through the filter of our hearts, and the voice of unbelief must continually die. (Remember that, “…because of unbelief they could not enter My rest…”).

I conclude with a final “let us.”

Let us always be casting our cares on Him in all of our spheres of influence, and rejoicing with the saints in thanksgiving for the release of the justice of heaven (His peace) into all those lands.


  • David Cramer says:

    Very well illustrated and articulated article on a fundamental truth for modern day ecclessia!
    Keep writing! We need your gift!(and you) in the body…
    Blessings, Dave

  • Bruce Main says:

    I am so blessed by your teachings and look forward to your releasing many more revelations, unveiling the many facings of scriptures. Thank-you and keep writing!!!!

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