by Patrick Holloran

Belonging to a like-minded team, fellowship, or community, is of great importance to our inheritance.  One of the greatest threats to this obedience of being in relationship with others is the orphan spirit.  This spirit is designed to rob inheritance both spiritual and physical.  By distorting the understanding of how inheritance is received, the orphan spirit convinces individuals to lay down their rights through the use of their own words. If they were to really start to think about it and were honest with themselves, they would find that they doubt what they have and through the confession of their own mouths, they pronounce loss of inheritance. They will say, “What do I really have? Is there really any inheritance for me? I have no father, natural or spiritual, who has poured into me or gifted me with blessings. I am on my own. “

Patrick Holloran

Patrick Holloran

However, if they are really honest with themselves, and if they will allow spiritual fathering to be received in their lives; there is a unique adventure to be received because a spiritual father will always give inheritance to those that are his spiritual children. In fact, true spiritual fathers cultivate the hope that their spiritual children will do greater works than those who have come before them. They equip their spiritual children to embrace the fullness of their destinies. In addition, a spiritual father will speak to the Lord that their highest achievement will be the starting point for all the spiritual children involved in their lives.  International Apostolic Ministries (IAM) is about friendships, relationships, and covenants that are eternal.  In the case of each member, there is a God given inheritance through community that takes a person into knowing that they are, indeed, made to change the world, the culture, and the regions.

The orphan spirit will also try to sow into a spiritual orphan’s thinking that they are not understood and that no one can relate to them.  However, the gift of spiritual fathering demonstrates patience, above all love, and if it is needed, counsel with correct instruction.  As you consider joining IAM today, realize that the fruit of this community of God-loving, truth-seeking believers is there for the asking.


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