by Crystal Langdon

It is 8:00 am and the email arrives… on time and consistent. The report for today’s activities, victories, and possible skirmishes is delivered, as well as any sensing of future encounters or new territories to pursue.

I scan through the words, pausing only on those that quicken within. Then verbally, I release a declaration of agreement before electronically filing the intel away. Most sentences are confirmation but overtones of prophetic promise and deeper revelatory words accompany each message helping me to build today but war for tomorrow. 

Crystal Langdon

The man sending these daily emails is trusted. His discernment is high, his intel accurate, the communication direct. He calls only when urgency is utmost and works to connect within the confines of my time. He understand the workings of my business, has a copy of my schedule and is aware of the intricate responsibilities that I face.

He is a faithful trusted confidant… He is my personal marketplace intercessor.

Marketplace intercession is not a new concept. In fact, several books have been written on this topic. The premise being that business owners, who are awakened to their eternal purpose and who are seeking to physically manifest the Kingdom of God through their businesses, come into agreement with the eternal revelation and guidance of seasoned intercessors. It is a combined assault against the systems of the world which seek to decay and rob us from completing our God ordained purposes. This alignment of marketplace minister and intercessor provides a combination of air support intel and ground troops implementation that requires alignment and precision. Done properly, marketplace intercession allows business owners to reduce needless casualties and delay while experiencing increased effectiveness in their sphere of influence.

So why aren’t more business owners and intercessors partnering in this practical manifestation of Kingdom advancement? The previous mindsets of spirituality and the blessings of God existing only on those within the sacred halls of the church has been exposed. Marketplace ministers have received the nod of acknowledgement that they too are part of the Ecclesia. So if the boundaries that once separated brother and sisters in Christ has been removed, why is there limited strategic co-laboring one with another? Is it possible that internal lines are still unknowingly drawn and the goal is to just play nicely in the same sandbox?  Have we missed the key that together intercessor and marketplace minister, air support and ground troops must war together to expand the sandbox?  It is no longer enough to respect each other and play nicely, we must join forces and go to war together.  Sand castles on either end of the sandbox will never be as great as amassing every grain for the ultimate sand castle of them all.

So how is this birthed, cultivated, and effectively released into every day application?

Perhaps the strategy would be to go back far enough and see forward long enough to create systems that would intentionally raise up trained teams of skilled intercessors and marketplace ministers, equipped and influential.  A line drawn in the sand that defines this generation as the one that begins the transformation of the two into one. This will be a legacy that shifts the effectiveness of the Ecclesia.

Sound the call!!  Assemble those skilled and yet still yearning to grow in intercession – new wine skins perpetually shedding the old.  Then take these armies and begin the process of alignment and unification by teaching them the eternal language that will resonate across states and even countries. This task can be tedious for there is vast amounts of unlearning needed and retraining regarding the eternals, everlasting, and the natural realms. They must become skilled in the eternals not dabblers of the supernatural.

As core competences grow, they will bond as a group and learn the sounds of one another and will begin to share outside of structured training. Relationship will be built upon the joy of revelation as the Kingdom of God continues to grow. Assignments will be given, testing will occur, perceived failures as well as perceived triumphs will be experienced—all designed to create relationship, prove confidentiality, breed familiarity, and solidify synergy. An elite squadron will be established.

At the same time, ground forces are being amassed. Identification of true marketplace ministers are being confirmed, and strategic positioning continues within the marketplace. An awakening of Kingdom purposes and the re-digging of wells has occurred. One by one, we are witnessing marketplace warriors emerging from the fire of testing with authority and discernment regarding the lay of the land, the sounds, the protocols, and the inner workings for Kingdom advancement.

They too are beginning to build relationship—providing resources and networks for one another. Systems and strategies will be used as they join to slingshot one another forward. Confident in their assignment, they complement, not compete and form a battering ram of influence and change within their community.

It is possible that each training camp may be unaware of each other’s importance or impact, but as they operate within the eternals—one squadron releasing orders, the other enforcing the physical manifestation— they have already unknowingly begun the beginning stages of alignment. Every now and then physical paths cross, acquaintances are made, and relational cords begin forming. Small bursts of intentional co-laboring occur as the eternal DNA’s entwine for the deeper assignment yet to be revealed.

The question then begs to be asked, when will these squadrons of pulsing power merge? You can hear the anticipation as eternally they sense a convergence. In fact, if you look closely, you can already see them clustering, seeding themselves, multiplying, reaching out and pulling others in. They are now organically reproducing as they await the pronouncement of emergence.

Herein lies the delicacy—both sides yearn for advancement of the Kingdom, while physically serving within stress-fractured vessels previously conditioned by the world.

Cohesive welding of two metals into one compressed razor sharp unit requires that both metals be previously tried, tested, and then together be molded in joint purpose. Millions will watch while the shaping of destinies will hang in the balance as these two cultures integrate into one. Damage to both air and ground personnel and reserves can be widespread if both armies do not seek first to understand the needs of each other before being understood.Therefore, a seriousness to this covenant combining must occur.

Let there now go forth a search within the trained troops from both camps to find those faithful, skilled, and positioned, with existing relationships that transcends both sides of intercessors and marketplace ministry. These relationships must be strong enough to weather the labor pains of new birth, establish expectations, and create communication lines that can be sustained. Begin as small groups and let them experience joint assignments one battle at a time until the battles recorded exceed the staff they are notched upon. Cultivate discussion in the camps of each army and provide status reports from the battle field. Those within the first forging must be continually bathed in prayer as they diffuse land minds and set precedent for future groupings. Have an intercessory team for every team, releasing the blood covered light of God into the atmosphere of every point person, and instruct the point person to be the direct lightening rod for the marketplace minister. Those who are not the point person must not be anxious to go create their own fire, but be diligent in the eternals. They must record systems, document advancement, and glean from counteractions. We will know when we have transitioned successfully when the line between the impact of the intercessor and the influence of the marketplace minister blurs, unleashing an arsenal of violent, non-stop assault against the gates of hell.


  • David Cramer says:

    Wow! Awesome article. You just released a road map to the top of the business mountain.

    Like an expedition to the top of Mt Everest takes careful planning and the strategic placement and fortifying of base camps along the route of ascent, and skilled personnel for every stage, we can now develop our plans for our own ascent.

    Perhaps we can soon schedule a joint gathering of both intercessors and entrepreneurs/ market place ministers and begin to multiply in the region the synergy you are experiencing yourself now. Keep writing!

  • Bruce Main says:

    Crystal, Thank-you for this article placing in words God’s plan to blood-bought believers eternal language and vision to climb the business (market place) mountain. I suspect the principles employed here have an application in every mountain, culture and sphere of influence. We are all changed and enlightened because of the gift that you are. Keep writing, great revelations.

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