by Wayne C Anderson

The Church of Jesus Christ has a growing voice upon the earth. This “voice” is the healing, delivering power of the preaching of the gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven. This “voice” has a tremendous responsibility that comes with it. This voice must remain clear and free from envies, strife, greed, and manipulations. This voice must also remain free from the manipulations of kings, governors, systems, wars, generals, or anyone else for that matter. This “voice” of the Church must remain free to speak of what is righteous and what is unrighteous.

John the Baptist said to the manipulative religious government of his day, “You brood of vipers! Who told you to flee from the wrath that is to come? The axe is laid at the root! Go show forth the fruit of righteousness!”

Wayne C Anderson

Presiding Apostolic Director, Wayne C Anderson

Jesus boldly confronted King Herod, saying, “… tell that fox…” in a very derogatory manner of speech.  He publicly condemned the religious government, saying, “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, because you devour widows’ houses, and for a pretense you make long prayers; therefore you will receive greater condemnation…” Also, in Matthew 23, Jesus uses the media of His pulpit to condemn the powerful religious government that suppressed the people with eight “woes” of condemnation.

Both John the Baptist and Jesus of Nazareth, along with the apostles who came after them, used the greatest form of media of their day to not only confront the evil that was bearing down upon the people, but also to point the way to freedom as well. I believe this shows that the pulpits of this nation still have a strong media presence and the messages must come forth from those pulpits in the same vein as from the beginnings of the preaching of the kingdom of heaven. Some strong words are needed to hold back the darkness that is closing in upon us. Some direction is needed to set a course for righteousness that will lead us to freedom.

Today, at least a sector of the church foolishly stands with signs condemning sinners and telling them that they are going to hell for their behavior.  At the same time, they passively standby and let religious and civil governments slowly, sinfully, strategically destroy the freedoms that our founding fathers in both the US and the Kingdom of God laid down their lives to establish. This “voice” is now known by the world as a voice of what is wrong, but it must also become a “voice” that lights the way to liberty and justice. Both right and wrong, blessings and woes must come forth in both word and action or the darkness will prevail.

The modern media has done its best to attain a monopoly. This gives them strength to condemn the righteous with their liberal agenda of what is lustfully favorable by the rich and famous and those who wish they were rich and famous. There is, however, another media system that has the power of truth, righteousness and supernatural strength: The media of the Church pulpit.

The great enemy to the modern liberal media is the voice of the Church that has the power to condemn their left wing agendas.

The Johnson Amendment of 1954 is the treasonous culprit that has put nothing but fear into the Church of the United States of America. Lyndon Baines Johnson was able to author this piece of legislation and draw the hungry politicians across party lines to legislate against the Church in an attempt to silence the pulpits across the nation. A silent pulpit has no power.

Although Karl Marx, considered the father of communism, seems to have defended the right to a freedom of the press, he argued in 1842 that restrictions and censorship were instituted by the bourgeois elite. He claimed censorship is a tool of the rich and powerful to oppress the people. As communism progressed as a complete social failure, the power of the communist elite began taking over all media and shutting down all forms of freedom of both speech and the press in every communist country. Today, communists nationalize all forms of media and only let people hear the propaganda that they want them to hear and nothing else. Although Marx was correct about the “bourgeois elite,” his precious communism became no better; it simply exchanged the power and wealth and suppressed the people all the more.

In 1954, there was a social battle in the United States against communism. But the same likeness of the elite bourgeois represented by Lyndon Baines Johnson and his political cronies, decided to use the very tools of media control as the communist adversaries. Control the voice of morality, justice, and righteousness; and you can get away with whatever you want.

There is no doubt in any intelligent mind that this amendment is opposed to the United States Constitution and the rights and freedoms that the Constitution gives to us with freedom of speech.

You see, there’s a “grassroots” reach that the Church in America intrinsically possesses. The media hates this grassroots power of the Church; marketeers fear it and those politicians who choose to be unrighteous in their agendas despise this power of the Church.  If the Church were to unite, there would not be a wisp of hope for the opposition.

The Johnson Amendment, as clearly stated, has only the jurisdiction over the letter of non-profit approval by the Internal Revenue Service, specifically, it’s non-profit status code.

What this does NOT mean is that if a Church does not have a letter of non-profit from the IRS, the Church is no longer “non-profit.” First of all, the Church was non-profit long before the IRS dubbed it so. The Church is a “not for anyone’s personal profit as an institution” and the IRS or the United States government has no ability to change that, nor any right to define it. Furthermore, there is little need, if any, for a Church to have a letter of approval from the Internal Revenue Service.

If the Church were considered a “for profit” business, and filed annual tax returns, there would never be any “profit” to tax. The institution of the church is constructed upon money in and money out. Church investments do not change this “non-profit status since the money coming back to the Church from investments is still used for the same purposes and is not for the “profits” of any individual person or company. Investments are simply an income stream. Only the ministry to the people of the world is benefited by Church income. This is what has always been meant by “non-profit” or “not-for-profit.”

We can expect that the Johnson Amendment will be challenged by the Superior Courts, if not the Supreme Court of the United States. We may even see more devious work done by the fearful politicians to curb the voice of the Church and legislate new tax codes, or even new laws that oppose the First Amendment rights that the Church is protected by.

Communism is rising and communists control media. All media, including pulpits, become the ownership of the State under communism. But the rich media magnates also want their competition squashed. That’s us – the Church.

There are some serious stands that we must begin to take if we do not want to see our nation lost to the kind of wickedness that is being legislated over the people.

It is important that we stop sending our leadership to the fear based conferences that warn with terrorizing stories about the strong arm of the IRS. They take the churches money and put such controls into operation, that bookkeepers can take control of the finances of the church. The results become a passive pulpit.

It’s time to stop worrying about what you can say and what you cannot say from your pulpits, especially when it comes to what is going on in realms of government and political offices. Now is the time to say what and who is righteous and what and who is unrighteous.

We must stop worrying about IRS rules in relation to these afore mentioned subjects.  Their ungodly controls over the pulpits of the United States and especially your pulpit must come to an end. Christ is Lord over that pulpit and not the IRS.

Most nations do not have any of these “non-profit” battles that the Church in the United States seems to fight. We don’t have to operate in the ways that we have been manipulated into thinking.

It is time to make the unrighteous politicians and the mafia-like IRS fear the voice of the Church if they are going to continue their devilment in this nation that boasts of its freedom, but that freedom is now questionable.

Real freedom is worth fighting for. Freedom is worth being incarcerated for. Freedom is worth dying for.

There is so much said about the national debt that we are leaving our children and our grandchildren. We are leaving them more than a money debt if we don’t stand up and rid this nation of these feudalistic controls and manipulations of the government and the IRS.

Our forefathers did not intend for us to be in the place that we find ourselves in this nation or in the Church of this age. Our forefathers gave their lives for freedom.

We have two lines of forefathers that we have received spiritual inheritance from. The first is our forefathers of the Kingdom of Heaven. The apostles Peter, James, John, Paul, Timothy, and others stood against the powers and authorities both secular and spiritual as they gave their own lives for the freedom of the generations to come. For they, “loved not their own lives even unto death.” Yet we have also the lineage of the founding forefathers of the United State of America who were willing to stand against the evil civil governments of man in order that there might be liberty for the generations to come.

Whether we consider the apostles and prophets that laid a spiritual foundation for the Kingdom of heaven come to earth or the forefathers that laid the foundations of our nation, we have within us a kind of DNA, a genealogy that says we will not fear for ourselves; but will stand against all governments of evil that would control and manipulate the people away from their rights and freedoms.

In the United States of America, we have a rich heritage of fighting our way out from under authoritarian rule. Righteous God lovers have stood firm together and miraculously defeated the “super power” armies and governments that have ruled the people with feudalistic laws. The Dutch feudalism, the Spanish feudalism, the Mexican feudalism, the English feudalism, etc. — none of them could withstand the stamina and courage of the people who wanted freedom for their children even if it cost them their own lives. Freedom is worth fighting for. Freedom is worth being incarcerated for. Freedom is worth dying for. As long as we have the political agendas of such men as Lyndon Baines Johnson and his cronies, as long as we have government agencies that control the lives of Americans like the IRS, we do not have freedom. We are being told we have freedom, but our voices have been muffled to the point of near silence. We must do what we can do, or disappoint those who have died in vain.

In David Barton’s book Original Intent, he expresses the great bravery of pastors in the eighteenth century as our heritage. These pastors spoke loudly and strongly against the tyranny of England and many not only fought, but also led the charge for liberty and freedom. One such pastor is Reverend John Peter Muhlenberg, who preached a fiery message from his pulpit in Virginia on January 21, 1776. This courageous pastor recounted the founding of America in pursuit of civil and religious liberty. He warned of how these freedoms were in critical danger of being stolen from the people and the church. He ended his now famous message with the words,

“In the language of the Holy Writ [Ecclesiastes 3], there [is] a time for all things, a time to preach and a time to pray, but those times have passed away.”

“There is a time to fight – and that time has now come!”

As the final message of his sermon, Reverend John Peter Muhlenberg prayed and disrobed in front of the entire congregation revealing a military uniform that he was wearing underneath the clerical garments. He marched to the back of his church commanding the drums of recruitment and 300 men joined him! This became the famous courageous 8th Virginia Regiment!

A statue now stands in the United States Capitol building of Reverend John Peter Muhlenberg as he removes his robe in revelation of his military uniform. This statue commemorates the power that the pulpit is meant to have in this nation. A liberty that is now all but buried beneath the rubble of “political correctness” and the fear of what the government might think or do to us.

Surely, we the preachers of the Kingdom of Heaven can stand up to the government and tell them, “No more!” Surely, we can protect the pulpits we preach from. Surely, our hearts can arise with courage to stand against the tyranny of the liberal overthrow of the government that men and women have laid down their lives to keep free.

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