An Audiocast By Susan Salameh

Fragrance of Heaven 

There is an Eternal fragrance of Heaven that is filling the earth through the Eternal Body of His Son. This fragrance is released out of our intimacy with the Lord, out of the very sanctuary of our hearts.  When the manifest Presence of the Lord is present through our worship it releases that fragrance from Heaven to earth.  

To get a fuller understanding of the secret of this fragrance we see it was first manifested in the OT in the tabernacle as a shadow of what was coming in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus took the fragrance out of the tabernacle and manifested  among men. When He became an offering and a sacrifice to the Father it was a sweet-smelling aroma. (Eph.5:2).

Because of this sacrifice we now can become a fragrant aroma unto the Father of Lights, just like Jesus . We become the fragrance of Messiah’s life. Everything we do should be out of who we are in Him, carrying the very fragrance of Heaven to earth. May we awaken to the scent of Heaven and and release it through our lives.


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