By Steven McMullin,

The Word of the Lord came to Steven McMullin, during our Northeast IAM Convening in Albany, New York, on August 8, 2018:

“There is strength that is now coming upon you a strength to be able to stand the test of time, for my supernatural timetable is now established in your midst. I will come again like a flood, I will come again like a wind to you my people, I will once again distribute Myself upon you even as fire, then you shall arise like the flood waters and arise like flames of fire to take the place nationally and globally that I have desired to fit you in, to fit you into place, like a puzzle piece is put into place. You have done well to see the individual peice that you are and you have examined well, and you have listened well and you have come to grips with the shape of things, the shape of who I have made you to be, but now as I put you in place you will then see the whole in greater measure and with the greater measure of understanding and vision comes the greater strength that is needed to carry you into the future.

I am putting it together, IAM putting you together, IAM putting it all together a dwelling of Yah in the Spirit, a holy habitation, a manifestation of My great body in the earth, as you meet together in the Spirit, you shall hear My words uttered to you and through you, You shall hear with My ability, you shall see with My ability you shall speak forth with My ability, you shall hear the sound of My utterance and immediately hear with My ears and My faith will then arise and overflow the banks of your everything!! and My Faith shall then move the mountains that have never been shifted on your behalf, those seemingly immovable mountains will begin to shake and will be uprooted and cast into the sea.

Stand, Stand, Stand, Stand, Stand, Stand as I am now enabling you to Stand, Stand, Stand, I will cause you to stand up on the inside, I am causing you my many peoples who are one,to take a stand upon your lands where I have planted you, you shall stand not just the test of time, but you shall stand to govern, and to shape and to formulate the future on behalf of my people, My great body in the earth, that meets with Me in the spirit.

No longer dis jointed, no longer dis allusioned, no longer dis missed as one cast aside and overlooked, for I am looking over you, IAM looking over you, thus IAM shall look over much, and I shall establish you for you and I are together as one, and I am putting My foot down on our behalf, and yes, your behalf, I am putting My foot down! Make room, make room, make room, make room, make room, make room, make room for this My people, My IAM, for IAM in her midst.

Look to New Horizons, look to New Horizons, LOOK TO NEW HORIZONS, for I will establish it, I will establish it and I will take it upon the wind, upon the wings of the eagle and I will distribute it as My Good News, I will deliver it to every doorstep and stoop, and those who have been weary, those who have been stooped over will immediately recieve My fresh power, My fresh wind My refreshing presense and they shall be baptized in the substance that I am granting unto you, the substance that I am doing more than just ushering you into, but establishing you in, within!

Write the Vision, Write the Vision, Write the Vision, Write the Vision, multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision are held in check awaiting the vision that I am now granting unto you! They will read it and they will run! ,they will read it and they will run, the will read it and they will run! Run with them, Run with them, Run with them, faster than the horse and the rider.

Oh, my power, Oh my longing to answer you, I shall do it, I AM doing it even now, the proof is in the pudding they say, but I shall prove myself strong on your behalf and I will cause you to look upon the New Horizons with New Hope, with New Hope and you shall proof read, and Proof the text and I shall prove myself strong on your behalf.

Cattle on a thousand hills, Catlle on a thousand hills, I desire to give you a thousand hills, a thousand hills, a thousand hills

Now see the plains moving with wheat, see the plains and their surrounding hills, a thousand hills, a thousand hills, a thousand hills, I shall give to you the plains that you now see and they shall not be plain any longer but shall become my extravagant ones.

My Fresh Wind Now comes to blow through the instrument of your life, my life in you.

The sound will come forth as the Fresh wind, the fresh breath now moves through you!

As the many instruments receive My Fresh Wind moving through them, that conjoined sound shall thus ascend to the very heights, transforming and yes even terraforming my very terra firma enabling the establishment of of new life and the support of new growth, fresh growth, new life, the ability to support new life, the ability to Support New Life, where it was once seemingly impossible it shall not only be possible or plausible, but it shall now be done.

The facsimile and the imitation, the facade shall be removed from the landscape, stripped back and in its’ place my revealed ones shall be!, you, you shall stand with Me transparent and true. Not just the appearance of truth, but TRUE, and not just seemingly worthy, but actually having WORTH!”

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