by Jane Lampkin

You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. – Matthew 22:37-38

We are in a new season which will be fully established in the Hebrew year 5780 that begins September 30th. The last decade of the Hebrew calendar was the season of Ayin (eye/seeing). This decade is the season of Peh (mouth/speaking). The numerical meanings for the Hebrew years build upon the previous years. Therefore, that which was revealed by God through seeing in the last decade will now be declared and established through speaking in this decade.

There is a new movement developing and a movement requires an action. This season will be a moving out of what has become comfortable into what God is doing NOW which is reordering priorities.

The reason for the reordering of priorities is because there are two types of ministry. Outer court ministry to the people and Holy of Holies ministry to the Lord (Ezek. 44). Our purpose is not to minister to the people. Our purpose is to worship God and be changed from Glory to Glory so that He can minister to His people through us.

Over the past decades, the focus has been on developing the Ecclesia but it is going to shift to the importance of keeping the first things first (Matt 22:37-38). This has been God’s desire since the beginning, but many have put ministry to the people before ministry to the Lord and wonder why they are not seeing the power of God or lasting fruit. It is because the priorities are out of order. It is a choice to obey God’s command for us to be in His presence ministering to Him first and foremost, but when we do, it changes things in, around, and through us.

Another reason for the change is because we are being prepared for a great harvest. He did not say it will be the final harvest but that it will be a great harvest. He does not want to bring in a harvest to the old religious ways. Therefore, He needs to prepare us to be able to steward the new harvest with the proper order in place and at a new level with the Him.

When a farmer gets ready to take in the season’s harvest, he first cleans out the barn so that the new harvest will not be contaminated by the old. The Lord has already begun cleaning out the barn so to speak by addressing our thoughts, identity, language, speech, love for one another, forgiveness, bitter roots, obedience, etc. This will continue along with putting things in proper order.

There will be new sounds for this movement and season. They are the sounds of true worship from each individual’s heart as they ministry to the Lord, declarations direct from the throne room that turn people’s priorities around, as well as prophecies and teachings about God’s desire and priorities for this season.

This season will be a time of revival. This is not a revival that will be well known or even public because it will be an inner personal revival, an awakening to first love. Draw near to God and ask Him to awaken your love for Him.

God has prepared many in the last decade who He has taken through this transition ahead of the others. They will be brought to the forefront to change the tide of priorities with new ministries. They will demonstrate a new understanding of our duties and responsibilities as a Royal Priesthood and how it ties in with the reordering of priorities. There will be ministries established that are Zadoc Ministries…those who preserve what is Holy. (Ezek 44) Since the beginning, God has always had those who have operated as Ministers to the Lord in solitude, in the secret place, out of the public eyes, worshipping Him, listening to Him and recording what He has to say. They will now be recognized as a true and legitimate “ministry” and will train others to be Ministers to the Lord.

An Issachar anointing has been released for the understanding of this time and season. Along with reordering priorities, wisdom from God will flow to help with bringing One Accord for One Purpose. One accord is not unity, it is a group of diverse people who agree to work together for one purpose which is to fulfill God’s desire. In this season we will see more of God’s people working across denominational lines for His purposes.

Many will change direction in this season. Some have felt uneasy and a stirring in their spirits. They are feeling the pull of the Holy Spirit to stop what they are doing and to turn aside for a time to allow the Holy Spirit to reorder and reform. If this is you, surrender to it and follow His leading, inquiring of Him every step of the way. Do not overlook or reject those the Lord sends to you at this time because they may be the ones who have gone before you. You will know them by the wisdom they have from being in God’s presence for many years.

Worship is a universal language and a great equalizer. The Body of Christ, the Ecclesia, will shift their focus and priority from outer court ministry to the people, to Holy of Holies ministry to the Lord in worship that will break down denominational, generational, and racial lines causing us to become of one accord for His purpose. Our worship services as we know it today will not be the same. The “Worship Service” will be re-defined. Some have heard this call. Now is the time!

That which is already established will not go away. This is a season of reordering Kingdom priorities for maximum effect of what is already established. There will be revelatory teachings and declarations that will set things in order. There will be worship that breaks through strongholds and turns hearts back to Abba Father. There will be demonstrations of the power of God in gatherings. And there will be a reformation in the way we do our worship services.

Change is difficult for many. It can be uncomfortable if we fight against it, but easy if we understand it is for our good and surrender to it. We cannot go into a new season using the same ways as the last season. We must inquire of the Lord for the new season. A new season brings new wine which requires new wine skins that are flexible. We can’t assume that previous methods and practices will be adequate. It may be similar but require new revelations and new levels for this season. Abide in His presence, inquire of Him, listen carefully, do not assume or presume, and obey the Lord’s instructions to you. As we draw near to God, he draws near to us and causes the changes that need to be made.

The next ten years will be a series of great changes that will advance the Kingdom of God in unprecedented ways through what we speak, declare, and sing with our mouths. Our words have power.

In this season God is calling His people to “COME” rather than to “GO”. Come to His table. Come to His throne room. Come to Him. There will be great emphasis on personal and corporate relationship with the Lord as our first love and first priority. He is seeking those who have a heart after Him, who love Him above all else, and who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. Then He will do the rest.

It is time to turn aside from religious routine to sit at His feet, stand in His counsel, and hear what He speaks to you. His greatest desire is for you to be with Him. It is in His presence that we are changed from Glory to Glory.

Those places who make ministry to the Lord their priority, will become places of His abiding manifest presence (portals or thin places). His manifest presence brings truth, repentance, and the healing of our land. Our lands are what we have been given authority over and include our own bodies, our families, our churches, our regions, states, and nations. In 2 Chr. 7:14 God said that If His people will humble themselves (realizing their need for Him), and if they would seek His face and turn from their wicked ways, He would heal their land. One of those wicked ways is not obeying the first commandment to Love God and put Him first before everything else…including our ministries to people.

If we are not changing, we are not growing or moving with God. I want to encourage you to study God’s word concerning ministry to the Lord, what it is, why it is needed and the results. Then take a good look at what you are currently doing, asking the Lord to show you what needs to change and how to reorder priorities. Then watch and see what God will do!

What an awesome opportunity we have to be pioneers and forerunners to a new move of God! It will be a great adventure with successes and failures but God is with us and He has chosen us for such a time as this!

Great things are coming…but we must be willing to move with God and allow Him to make the necessary changes.

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