by Stephen Meyering

We have come through this excellent time of preparation, Divine alignment and Divine order as the Lord has been getting us ready for this New Season of Mobilization, Harvest and Increase. We have been in a Process where we are coming into Greater Glory!

In My Neighborhood once stood a derelict old house that’s been abandoned for 15 years. It was clearly the eyesore of the neighborhood!

Stephen Meyering

But now it has been torn down. That old house has in its place a new hose that is the nicest house in the neighborhood. That is what God has been doing in our lives this past year. That house shines in our neighborhood, and yes, it is time also for us to Shine in the world around us.

We have entered a Season where the Blessings of God are Overtaking us!

One of the signs that you have come through this process is you begin to see the increase. Those that tithe and give offerings should start to see the Lord pouring out to them blessings in such measure that they won’t have room to receive it!

As many of you know, my amazing wife Karen loves to garden, she has been growing gardens since I first met her 47years ago, but this year the harvest is off the charts! This year is the biggest harvest we have ever seen, and It is a Prophetic Sign that the Blessings of God are Overtaking us! We have so much harvest that we have to give it away! And that is the reason for the season – to give it away!

As we, “eat the fat and drink the sweet” (which is old English talk for enjoying your God-given prosperity), then out of our abundance we “Send Portions, to those for whom nothing is prepared.” Neh.8:10

It is harvest time, and the time of the commanded blessing. And I declare that the Blessings of the Lord will overtake you Spiritually, Physically and Materially.

One key scripture that declares this new season is Isaiah 60:22;
“A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation. I the Lord will hasten it in its time!”

This scripture speaks of an accelerated time of harvest, growth, and increase that is coming to the body of Christ.

This season of accelerated harvest is here for all who will “work their fields and cast their nets!”

I see three significant things that the church should do to enter into Harvest Glory, with greater success.

One: Visualize the Harvest, but See from Your Heart
Jesus was “moved with compassion” when he saw the multitudes (Matthew 9:36-38) That is why he asked his disciples to pray, and that is why He sent them forth – He was compelled by love. So, before you start, you need His heart! If we have His heart for the Lost, then we will also see from our hearts, and we also will be Compelled by love to reach out and share in the Abundance of God’s Love. Next time you are in a Crowd of people Look a little deeper.

Two: See From the Heavenly Perspective
As Joshua stood by the towering walls of Jericho, perhaps he was wondering – “How are we going to take this city? Then the Commander of the army of the Lord appeared to Joshua and said something very Profound to Him. “SEE, I have given Jericho into your hand.” (Jos.6:2) At that time, Joshua received the heavenly perspective and saw as the Lord saw. We, like Joshua, need a personal encounter with Jesus, I declare over you See! God is, and He has the Answer for every situation that you are facing.

Three: Act From the Position of Faith That Works By Love
During this time of mega-grace, we must launch out into the deep and fish with great expectation, Jesus will teach you how to be fishers of men. My Dad taught me how to fish, and yes, Jesus will show you how to catch men. Jesus is challenging you to “go deeper as you cast your nets!” That means to go beyond our comfort zones and the limitations of our minds or others.

God is empowering us to reach this world with His Love. It is the time of Harvest Glory! Yes, it is time that the blessings of God will overtake you!

Heavenly Father, touch every person who is reading this, with Your heart for the lost! I pray that the body of Christ would arise in this hour, and go forth as a mighty army of harvesters, knowing that we are called for a time such as this!

Father, may each one of your children experience favor and know that they are moving in the realm of the commanded blessing and that they will all walk in their God-given destiny! We Love you, Abba!

Mucho Agape!

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  • Carl Diener says:

    This is the first hunting season that I have taken not 1 but 2 deer with a bow. Not only that but they were both taken in the first hour that I went out. This has never happened in all my years hunting and I wondered why. Then I read your post and I think you put you finger on the reason.
    “It is harvest time, and the time of the commanded blessing.”

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