by Stephen Meyering

Are you ready for one of the most amazing years of your lives?
From now and into 2020, God is Moving Mightily and building His Glorious Church, taking us from Glory to Glory.
And we are now entering a Time that I felt to call a Transformation Visitation.
So, what does the word “Transformation” Mean? According to Webster’s, it means “A thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.”
This Transformation will bring with it Greater Glory!
Open your heart with great expectancy, for the King of Glory is in the business of Transformation, and bringing His Bride into Greater Glory.
I know your hearts that you want to be more like Him. So with great expectancy come before Him now Lifting your heart with your hands in Praises, and God will touch you. And you will feel a Power Surge of Love! It’s all about the Flow in 2020.
Let’s take a look at this Transformation from a Time Perspective.
According to the Hebrew calendar, we are in the Year 5780, which is referred to as the “Year of the mouth,” which is Saying, Speaking, Prophesying, and Declaring.
In the Gregorian Calendar, it is the year 2020, which speaks of Seeing, yes 20/20 Vision and Clarity.
When you combine the two-calendar year meanings, it is incredible!
Seeing and Saying, yes to see and perceive deeper than before the Mysteries of God, and then to Declare and Prophesy those things in tune with His Purposes. To me, the best word I can use to describe this is the word “Laser,” Yes, laser shafts of light will be coming forth from you with pinpoint accuracy. You will see clearly now because you are Highly Favored by God, and you will move in great power for the Glory of the Lord.
Let me share with you one example of Transformation using the Life of Jesus. Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus rode humbly into Jerusalem on a donkey and a colt, To give His Life to save a dying world. The Finished Work of the Cross is the greatest display of love that the world has ever seen! I thank God for the Cross. Now we see Jesus again, but this time He is not only seen as the Lamb of God But now He is seen riding Majestically on His Warhorse and going forth as a Mighty Conqueror for you and your Loved ones.
Since 5780 is the “Year of the Mouth,” I feel that Rev. 19:11-16 best describes it. Verse 15 Declares- “Now out of His mouth goes a Sharp Sword, that with it He will Strike the nations” The Power of His Words! And to know that God will speak through you. Yes, He Will!
But that is also a Powerful Illustration of Transformation!
To go from being a humble lamb for sacrifice, to then becoming a Mighty Warrior Riding His Goodly Horse for Battle, and going forth to Conquer.
The Praising Church is the War Horse of God, and it’s time to Mount up for the most amazing ride of your life!
Are you ready for More Transformation? Warrior Bride Come forth.
The Praising Church is the War Horse of God. that is the Transformation that we will experience in this season, as we will be Transformed from meek lambs into the War Horse of God. Are you ready for some Major Victories? And Harvest! Zec.10:3 The last part of the verse best describes this Transformation.
“For the Lord of Host shall visit His flock, the House of Judah, And will make them as His Royal Horse in the Battle.”
That is quite a Transformation, to go from a helpless Lamb to a mighty War Horse. Judah is the warhorse of God, and as you may already know, Judah Means Praise. Judah Means Praise, Judah Means Praise, Judah Means Praise. Gen 29:35 Friends, we all know that the battle is the Lords. Yes the Lord is a Man of war, And like Judah, in king Jehoshaphat’s day, It was the “Praising Army” that experienced a great victory because they marched forth only armed with Praises unto God in faithful obedience to the Prophetic Word. 2 Chr. 20:20-25
That was “Warfare Praise” being demonstrated, and the Blessings resulted.
As you “Get your Praise on in 2020,” Jesus will mount up on your praises and conquer. Let Jesus invade your life and circumstances through the Power of His Presence that comes in Praise. Ps. 22:3
Besides being transformed into the Warhorse of God, there are three major areas of our lives where we will experience Transformation, and they are the following, Relational, Ministerial, and Personal Transformations. Let’s look deeper now.
Relational Transformations-
Will be one of the most obvious and amazing expressions of this move. Relationships, as you know, has to do with our interactions with other people.
But the devil has come to sow discord among the brethren, to separate families, to bring division and confusion, to try to stop the continuity and disrupt the flow. But, as you know, Jesus has already been praying for unity, and His Prayers will be answered. Jn. 17:20-21.
The Anointing is now going forth to see a Relational Transformation.
That will help to bring about a Restoration in Relationships, healing from offenses, and a new comradery. And the Lord gives me Mal. 4:5,6 a key verse.
“Behold, I send you Elijah the Prophet, before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord
And he will turn the hearts of the Father’s to the children, And the hearts of the children to the father’s
Lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.”
This would be an excellent time to get things right with other people, time to bury the hatchet. You alone have to decide if you want to stay offended, or you want Reconciliation or Restoration.
I have never experienced anything good that has come out of the offense or harboring attitudes towards others.
And now God is sending Elijah the Prophet, which is an Anointing that will bring with it a Healing Restoration of Relationships. I declare over you Relational Transformations now.
One clear Biblical example that shows a Relational Restoration was in the Lives of the Apostle Paul and John Mark. Acts 12:25,13:5,13,15:36-41
John Mark, the nephew of Barnabas, was a part of Paul’s ministry team, but when Mark decided to leave the team, the Apostle Paul wanted nothing more to do with him.
It caused a significant rift between the Apostle Paul and Apostle Barnabas. But, Later in Life, the scripture reveals that the Apostle Paul was fully restored with Mark As He writes in 2 Tim.4:11
“Only Luke is with me, get Mark, and bring him with you, For he is useful to me for ministry.”
Maybe there is a Minister, or Ministry, or Family member, or someone else in your life, that the relationship is strained or broken?
Now is the time to get that Restoration, because the Anointing is here for that purpose. Love is risky, but if you reach out, you may find a hand reaching back.
Ministry Transformations-
In my office, I have a model of the 1903 Wrights Flyer. This Plane made a Quantum Leap in Aviation History in 1903 when it flew a few hundred yards over a cornfield.
A mere 60 years later, aviation developed to the place where aircraft was flying all the way to the moon! What and Amazing Aerial Transformation. But, what if you saw a 1903 wrights Bro. plane fly overhead today?
You would immediately think, time for an Upgrade! We cannot travel in 2020 at the 1903 rate. That’s counterproductive.
But some Ministries today are trying to do the work embracing the 1903 model, and I think, if we continue to do that then the world would see us as a Don Quixote, quite Archaic, redundant and a little amusing,
The Old Model is no longer relevant. Let’s step into the New, the Now of God.
Expect a Paradigm Shift in the way the Church does things in 2020.
This shift has been going on over the last decade, but 2020 will bring with it and Acceleration of things. I declare over you Ministerial Transformations.
New Wineskins are being developed to contain the New Wine of today. “Bricks and Mortar” stores in America are suffering today because of a shift in
the way the public spends their money and makes purchases.
Many are now making Online Purchases. The whole world is going Online. And even as some businesses are suffering, the Church also is feeling some pain because of this shift in thinking.
The Church must also Change with the Times. I think the Church should be leading the way in innovation. We are the Head, not the Tail.
The Message forever Remains the Same, But the Model and the Environment, The Packaging, and the Presentation should be Relevant to our current times.
Such terms Like, “Online Church, Cyber Church” are not going away. But the Church needs to add these tools to its repertoire of presenting the Gospel.
I remember when I first started going online. It was a little scary for me to venture into cyberspace, but I felt God was in it.
One of the very first e-mails I received, over 20 years ago, was from a man in Holland, and I was shocked. How did this man get my e-mail?
And then the Lord said to me, “Prophecy,” and I was again shocked, thinking that I could write a prophecy to this man, a total stranger living 1,000’s of miles away, and I could send it through cyberspace, and He would get it! Well, I sent it, and the rest is history because my 20 year Dance with Holland all began from that First Prophetic E-Mail that I sent.
Had I let the fear of the unknown stop me, then I would have missed my Blessing.
The Church needs to take advantage of all the opportunities that are available to them because when it comes to the Harvest, a bigger Net means a bigger Harvest. So Yes, use the “InterNet” and don’t just get your name on the Church roll, but get your name on the “Networks” available to make Jesus Famous. The Times, they are a Changing, And the Church should be the Trend Setter. So, the Word of the Lord for 2020 is also, to Make bigger nets. Yes, allow your ministry to undergo a Ministry Transformation. I declare It over you that in 2020 you will boldly go where you have not gone before. God will Bless you.
Personal Transformations-
Yes, almost all Christians want to be like the ones that they love.
We see Jesus as our supreme example of being a child of God.
We all come into the Kingdom of God the same way; we are born from above. Then we receive nurturing, the milk of the word, and we grow in Grace.
But, it is in the heart of God to take us deeper, that we may know Him.
I have found that it is Quality Time in the Presence of the Lord, in the Secret Place of the Most High, is where I experience some of my greatest change. And the Lord gives me for you 2 Cor. 3:18
“But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, Are being transformed into the same image, from Glory to Glory,
Just as by the Spirit of the Lord”
Come before Jesus now, and give your all to him. We are in an amazing time of Transformation from glory to glory, and I declare over you in 2020
His glory will be seen upon you.
What do you want Jesus to do for you in a Personal way? He will do it.
I declare over you Personal Transformations, to be more like Him.
In 2020 there will be much talk about the glory, and many will come into Greater Glory. Yes, many reports of Glory Encounters will be shared.
And many times, you will experience that glory amid Praise and Worship. Glory Times are ahead!
But it is good to Remember; the Praising Church is the Warhorse of God, You, are His Goodly Horse prepared for battle. Are you ready to Praise your way through 2020?
If you are in trouble, you know what to do, begin to praise the Lord, and Jesus will whistle for His Faithful Horse Judah, and He will mount up on your Praises and Bring you Many Victories. The Joy of the Lord is your Strength
So turn the frown upside down, because 2020 is going to be Amazing.
I Declare over you the Fulness of God’s Plan and Love for you in 2020.
I declare over you that you are the War Horse of God, going forth to Conquer.

Mucho Agape, Get your Praise on,
We Love you!
Stephen & Karen Meyering

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  • Carl Diener says:

    ” And the Lord gives me for you 2 Cor. 3:18. ” Yes! I will take it, I hope we all will. It is time for transformation. Thank you for this word from the Lord.

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