By Wayne C. Anderson

Covenant plays a strong functional, foundational, and yet silent role in the creation of all things. Matters of physical, as well as spiritual, social, and even celestial existence remain in place and force by the gripping power of covenant. It is by covenant that atoms and molecules remain together and form substance. Even the role of the individual particle in any mass has to do with covenant. When the Lord God created, He did so by the force of His creative covenant voice, and all things remain as His word formed them by the gripping power of covenant.

I am speaking of covenant in its simplest form, but there is something powerful about the very thought of covenant strength that holds the worlds together. Pure science is the study of God’s creation to discover the greater revelations of Him. Although it is scientific to understand how the things of creation work, there are still great mysteries as to why. Covenant is like a gluing agent having the power to hold on to a place or even a behavior.

When we think of the covenant of matrimony, we can see the principles of holding and behavior as the basis of that magnificent covenant. It also allows us to see the power of covenant in everything else. Just think of the holding power of, “So they are no longer two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate!” If the Lord God is the covenant creator and He has put something together, then He means for there to be agreement. If that agreement is threatened, then it is only the Creator that has the power and authority to change the covenant.

Covenant holds the realms of the spiritual heavens in place and is mirrored in the terrestrial and the celestial. So, this covenant becomes a significant thought process to everyone who beholds its principles with even the slightest of understanding.

Covenant love has power far beyond the emotional strength that might be felt. It has drawing, holding, and even protective abilities. Covenant love has the strength to heal if its behavior is unhampered. Covenant love has boundaries. As long as those boundaries are maintained, there is strength in that covenant love to protect, to heal, to cause healthy growth, and so much more. Inordinate love breaks the covenant boundaries and rebels against the covenant. Inordinate love is covenant breaking, and the perils of covenant breaking become poverty in nearly every area of life.

Covenant love means covenant strength to overcome. The Father’s love toward us is reliable, but His boundaries are always intact.

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