by Wayne C Anderson

At the inception of democracy, there was a lofty idea of government that is oriented to and from the people of society. That is, government without elitism. In the “new Americas” the people could no longer live with the tyranny of an elite king and power lusting lords who had no social reasoning except for what was good for the elite. You see, kings believe that the people are subjects to the kings. Kings don’t understand that “He who is great among you shall be your servant.” Eventually, kings make themselves demigods, or gods.

 It has long been known that elitism of the few can only exist as long as there are people that will serve the elite. Yet, democracy gives the noble idea that the government actually “serves” the people and not the other way around.

Wayne C Anderson

Presiding Apostolic Director, Wayne C Anderson

 So, “we the people” formed a “more perfect union” and desiring “justice” and wanting to “insure domestic tranquility”, by corporately providing “for the common defense” with the great hope of promoting “the general welfare”, making secure the “blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

 When I say “elite,” I could be talking about those who are filled with extravagant greed, who can buy with their money whatever they want, including people. But, I could also be talking about those elite who are called “gifted” and have been the priests, the clergy, the prophet, who takes the place of God’s voice unto the people. I might also be talking about the militaristically strong who physically make the people do what they want. Yet, in the past few decades, we have found the realms of media magnates who have now taken the minds of the people and directed them in any path that the elitist media goal decides is best for their investments. I could also be referring to the elitist investor who demands that their money make them more money even if it means an abuse of the marketplace that causes hardship upon the people. Or, I could be describing a corrupted government.

 There has always been corrupt people in democratic governments who try to take advantage of the liberty and freedom that the people have obtained. The corrupted heart of the politically elite, hides behind “political parties” and causes that to feed into their elitist cause. Get enough of this corruption working behind closed doors, and it takes over every form of government. Thus, no more “government of the people.”

 I remember being taught about “representation” and how my vote had power in government. You see, it was the representative’s responsibility to legislate for my interests in order to get my vote. Something drastically changed somewhere. There was a tipping point that fell into the vast ocean of lies, social abuse and the masterminding of  elite agendas. The end now justifies the means, so that a politician openly lies in order to trick the public into voting. Once in office, they do what they want to promote their agenda and lose all sense of service to the people for whom the government is supposed to exist.

 Sadly, my grandfather used to say that he would no longer vote for a “good man” to be placed into the corruption of the politicians because there were too few “good men” upon the earth, and we cannot afford to lose them into politics. My grandfather said that back in the 1950’s & 60’s. I then thought him to be a bit cynical. I now think that he saw something the rest of us did not but didn’t think it all the way through to victory. We cannot allow government to be overrun by corrupted hearts of “bad men” who only work for themselves.

 I remember when my vote meant something. Now, in the United States of America and in most of the western world, my vote simply promotes the elite seeking politician whose ending agenda justifies the corrupt hearted ways of attaining the power of legislation over the people.

 The media keeps telling us that the people are corrupt so that the power of the people will be stonewalled and never arise to the knowledge that it is the government that is corrupt – the media that is corrupt – those who acquire wealth by unjust means that are corrupt – the religious systems are corrupt, etc.

 Lest I dig too deep into the wounds of the past decades of deception that we have been under both as individuals as well as a populace, I want to tell you that the answer is quite simple: Courage to change.

 Those first “Americans” who tried to “form a more perfect union” were not wrong. They left farms, factories, family, friends and went to work at “forming” this governmental body  called a “union.” The “forming” that they did was in setting the boundaries of “Public Policy.”

 Bottom line here is that we cannot “vote” our way to freedom. We can only “serve” our way to freedom.

 We, the people, must take our uncorrupted hearts and put them to work in every form of society and serve in every way that we possibly can. We must change “public policy” to serve the people and not the elite.

 If you are in business, make sure your calendar includes your attendance at public government meetings to voice your needs as a business in your community. Perhaps you could even assign employees to community oversight reporting back so that your company is continuously informed of what public policy is for the community. It is now time to use your creativity that got you into business to work for the people of a “more perfect union.”

   If you are a single mom, you should consider getting out of the “Starbucks line” and get into public offices. Serving the community in any way possible. Perhaps taking an influential job or post, or even running for an office. If you are a working at home mom, then start looking for ways to communicate with local government officials and be a voice in your community. Think about what you can do instead of what you cannot do.

 Pastors should definitely be involved with local, state, and even national policy setting. It’s time to get a much larger kingdom view of things. Most pastors confine the view of their destiny to the small group of people in front of them on Sunday morning rather than realizing that the Lord has placed them into a much larger community. Shepherds lead the church into that community to steward it for the Lord. Thus, it is greater, and much more responsible to be pastoring a community, a state, or perhaps a nation. The history of democracy is filled with pastors in influential public offices, including the formation of the United States of America.

 Every church should have classes that train people into public office where they can effect public policy. Start asking questions and you’ll find that there are lots of people who would be happy to come train the people how to “form (or reform) a more perfect union.”

 No matter what walk of life, your uncorrupted heart needs to be guided by the word of God into service to the community. We must never allow our hearts to be guided by liberal corrupted hearts that shout so loud so as to overpower the good common sense and righteousness of the people. Let us silence the voices of the elitist liberal media magnates, the elitist liberal university professors, the elitist liberal politicians, etc. Let us begin to infiltrate until we are the majority that demographic counts say that we are. Let us also pray for the righteous who are in the positions already of media, education, government and the marketplace; and let us work to support those righteous hearted people who would work to change the elitist liberal voices.

 Yes, this will take courage. No, it won’t be easy. Yes, it will take time. No, it will not be an instant change so that we might hurry back into hiding places. Yes, this is a life change.

 You might be saying, “I just want to live and be happy.” It should be obvious to you by now that it will soon be impossible to live and be happy. Your freedom is at stake. Your children’s freedom is at stake. If we do not change now, it will soon be too late.

 The Lord has anointed His children to cleanse the land of ungodliness so that the inhabitants will live in peace. We must get involved. Get out of our chair, get out of our comfort zone and get involved in our communities in every way possible. We must not only vote; we all must lead others to the polls.

 We must be on the lookout for those who will take a righteous stand in government and use social media and every voice that we have to support them. We must find out where and when the council meetings, educational board meetings, commissioners meetings, and the public forums are taking place and schedule our calendars anew. These community events are now, perhaps more important than our church meetings; yet we must not leave the community of the church behind in any way.

 Courage and change are not easy, but absolutely necessary. We can do this. Or, maybe I should say, “we get to do this.” It is our privilege to serve in order to reform a more perfect union in our nation. We simply must stop our complaining about the way things are headed and start serving to change the direction our nation is going. It is for the sake of our “posterity.”

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