The Platform Of Jesus by John G. Lake

Published on September 22, 2015 at 10:27 am by

THE PLATFORM OF JESUS By: John G. Lake, Spokane, Washington 1915 There has always been a passage in the Declaration of Independence that has rung very deeply in my spirit. It was the thought of the revolutionary fathers, in giving an explanation and reason to the world for undertaking, to set up a new government among the families of nations. They said something like this: “Out of due respect for mankind, they felt it necessary to give a reason for ... View Article »

Stephen Meyering

2014 The Year Of Recovery And Discovery

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2014 The Year of Recovery and Discovery A Fruitful Year Indeed As I was praying for the Word of the Lord for 2014, I saw Two Hands break-through the clouds and reach out over the Earth. Hands speak of power, the Power of God made manifest. On one Hand was the word “Recovery,” and on the other hand was the word “Discovery.” One hand was reaching back as the other hand was reaching forward. Then I heard the Spirit of ... View Article »


Dance Of The Bridegroom!

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Our first IAM Equipping Gathering in Vero Beach, Florida is now behind us. We now are enriched with some with the fondest of memories, from the first meeting to the last. Our finale meeting was over the top with exceedingly great joyous celebration. Watch this video a few times and get up out of your chair and dance with the Bridegroom a bit… Make sure you don’t miss another IAM Equipping Gathering!   “Dance, dance like never before Your voice ... View Article »

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Repentance Is a Gift of God

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We were first drawn to God by an inspired conviction of Holy Spirit. We were transformed from death to life.  It was the greatest miracle each of us will ever experience.  We now live in a transformed existance, full of the mercies and grace of God.  In fact, we are full of God Himself through the transforming power of the Blood of Jesus. When we received His salvation, we received all of God’s gifts for us.  Repentance is one of ... View Article »

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“Flesh Resist You” vs. “You Resist Flesh”

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How many of us believe it is a good idea to “resist our flesh”?  I would like to challenge that belief system. “You Resist Flesh” is a statement of “DO”. “Flesh Resist You” is a statement of “BE”. How futile is it for me to resist my flesh.  When I spend my time in a futile effort to resist the flesh I am spending time that could be used for greater things.  “Greater Things” is my destiny. Me resisting my ... View Article »

Rich Carey

America’s Future: What Lies Ahead?

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It seems there are a chorus of prophetic voices rising in the Church today who are declaring words of doom and destruction over America in general and the American economy specifically. While I do not claim to be a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, and certainly do not pretend to know what the future has in store, I do not believe that these voices of negativity are accurately reflecting the will of God for our nation. We are ... View Article »

Wayne C Anderson

Ordination And The Trumpet Call

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I often receive questions about how and why we orchestrate our ordinations in the manner in which we do them. It seems we are unique in our ordination ceremonies in comparison to other groups. I always tell the story of how Dr. John Graham Lake ordained folks into the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ, so I thought it would be good to place the original writing of Lake here so that you might read the story for yourself. ... View Article »