As you have perused our website and perhaps been in our meetings or services, or attended our conferences, we hope that you will become a part of out growing tribe. Becoming an IAM Family member means that you are wanting to help us to grow in the vision and purposes that the Lord has given unto us to be.

Please visit the links to other pages at the bottom of the page if so that you will know more about this “apostolic family.”

We thank God for you!

A little more explanation …

Our online membership program is organized into levels of services that the IAM Family provides. Let us explain:

First, join forces with us and be identified as at IAM Family Member.

If you happen to be called of God to accomplish the works of the Kingdom of heaven as an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, IAM has an application process for Ordained Membership level. Please understand that we only “Ordain” those who are in fellowship with us already, so if you would like to be an “Ordained Member” of IAM, you should first be an IAM Family Member and let’s get to know one another first.
After you become a Family Member and have an established relationship with the IAM Family, you may apply for ordination by choosing the “Ordained Membership” level, complete the application process, and you will be personally contacted and informed about the remaining steps of our ordination processes.

If you are the senior pastor of a local Church, you can affiliate your Church with IAM. You can choose to become a part of the IAM Apostolic Family with a combination membership of “IAM Family/Church Affiliation Combo.” There is a “Church Affiliation Form” to complete that enables us to have the basic statistical information about your Church on file.

Ordained Members of IAM can affiliate their ministry with IAM. After you become an “Ordained Member” of IAM, you can change your membership services level to “Ordained with Ministry Affiliation Membership” or, “Ordained with Church Affiliation Membership” or even a combination of all three. 

What it costs?
IAM Family Membership (Individual): $10 (*)
IAM Family Membership with Church Affiliation: $30 (*)
Ordained Membership: $20 (*)
Ordained with Ministry Affiliation Membership: $30 (*)
Ordained with Church Affiliation Membership: $40 (*)
Ordained with Church and Ministry Affiliation Membership: $50 (*)
(*) by auto-draw from your credit/debit card